@AllRiseSilver: 스트레칭중… http://pic.twitter.com/blkxhlmK

[EngTrans] @AllRiseSilver: In the midst of stretching… http://pic.twitter.com/blkxhlmK

[InaTrans] @AllRiseSilver: Di tengah-tengah peregangan… http://pic.twitter.com/blkxhlmK


@AllRiseSilver: 이거나 안무회의중 이거나… http://pic.twitter.com/vIDNcVn5

[TransEng] @AllRiseSilver: That or we were in the middle of discussing the choreography… http://pic.twitter.com/vIDNcVn5

[InaTrans] @AllRiseSilver: Itu atau kami sedang di tengah-tengah pembahasan koreografi… http://pic.twitter.com/vIDNcVn5


Just comment, I’m pretty sure that the one with leopard legging was Eunhyuk, the one in white shirt was Donghae, the one in blue shirt was Kyuhyun, and the one in black shirt was Yesung, Right?


Cr: @AllRiseSilver

English translation by: @AllRiseXiahtic

Indonesian translation by: @softlight8823